Explosion proof camera and vandal proof camera difference
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What’s the vandal proof/ vandal resistant camera?

A vandal-proof camera is a camera and housing intended to resist vandalism, making sure the camera will continue to operate in conditions where people attempt to break it or impair its function.

Client should not use vandal proof products in hazardous area, or replace the vandal proof products as explosion proof products. 

What is explosion proof CCTV camera?

Explosion proof CCTV camera is an industry camera, which special design for the dangerous circumstances of volatile gas and flammable power, sunch as hydrogen and hydrocarbon gas in the plants, chemical factory, offshore platform ect.

In China, the explosion proof camera need to strictly follow our national standards: GB3836 Electical apparatus for explosive gas atmosphere,and GB12476 Electrical apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust.

What Zuoan offer?

By now, Zuoan has develop various explosion proof CCTV cameras for industry hazardous area.

Fixed point surveillance type: ZAF100A, ZAF100B, ZAF103, ZAF1032

Auto tracking PTZ type: ZAT610, ZAT630, ZAT660, ZAT670, ZAT680

Explosion proof monitor: ZAJS400

Explosion proof junction box: ZA-JXD4

Explosion proof box for DVR, NVR: ZAJ300, ZAJ310, ZAJ340

Our ZAT680 is China first explosion proof PTZ dome camera, integrated with wiper system, infrared lights, sunshiled.

Zuoan also offer turn-key solutions for each project, from the camera to control system, and storage system.

More details, please contact us soon.

ZUOAN explosion proof surveillance solution for drilling site:


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