Explosion proof camera installation considerations
  2021/12/04| View:982

Some special industries such as petroleum, chemical, natural gas and other industrial enterprises, in the experiment, production, processing, transportation and storage

of the process, may leak and spill a variety of flammable, explosive gases, liquids and a variety of dust and fibers, very prone to explosion and fire, bring significant losses

to the country and the people .

Install explosion proof cameras in these special industries  is necessary, how to install them in order to let it play its best role?


The application of explosion proof cameras are mainly concentrated in oil & gas, offshore,mining and relatively harsh environment.

1, explosion proof camera inlet must be sealed with a rubber seal,  asbestos rope and other methods instead; prohibit the filling of any substance in the cavity. Loss of 

explosion proof performance; prohibited for the convenience of the connection, discard the inlet port of the seal and the matching compression nut ; prohibit multi-stranded

single wire merged by a single hole elastic seal into the inlet port. Rubber sealing ring on the oil should be scrubbed clean to avoid aging and deterioration.

2, it is strictly prohibited to change the structure of explosion proof cameras, parts and internal wiring of the equipment. Fastening bolts shall not be arbitrarily swapped or 

missing, its excess in and out of the line port of the elastic gasket and metal gasket must remain factory sealed state, and should be tightened to tighten the compression 

nut to make the inlet port sealed.

3, in the explosive hazard places prohibit electrical equipment,And "someone work, prohibit the switch" warning signshould be hung at the power off place. Inspection, such

as the explosion proof camera removed to a safe area, the site of the equipment power cable should be done with explosion proof treatment.

4, Daily operation and maintenance inspection, should try to avoid opening the explosion-proof camera housing, must be opened when the power should be cut off first. If the

explosion proof housing open, should be properly protected from damage to the explosion proof surface, in the maintenance of the explosion proof surface should be placed

upwards, shall not directly contact the ground.

5, All explosion proof cameras should be established equipment files, from equipment installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, until the equipment explosion proof 

downgrade, scrap. Should be a variety of different periods of technical data collected complete, organized and filed, and numbered on the equipment one by one.