How to connect washer tank with external power supply?
  2023/03/30| View:823

If you have get a CZ610-A Explosion Proof PTZ Camera and a ZAPL10 Explosion Proof Washer from ZUOAN, you may fail to make it run without a CZ300 Explosion Proof Junction Box. You only got one dry contact wire from CZ610-A to control the washer. It’s not enough then. What we can do is to circumscribe a 24VDC Output module to the washer. Then how to connect them? Please refer to the following diagram.


CZ610 Explosion proof PTZ camera dry contact wire definition:


Switch ON/OFF





ZAPL10 Explosion proof washer tank wire definition:





Please Note: external 24VDC module needs to put into an Ex d type explosion proof junction box. Because the hazardous area is not allowed to have power module exposed outside. All the wire connection need to finished into the explosion proof junction box.

(The above diagram is for reference only. Subject to the final product manufactured.)

CZ610-□□ is a ZUOAN designed classic explosion-proof integrated camera, which consists of explosion proof camera(housing), pan tilt, decoder and wiper, making install and debug on site convenient. The explosion proof camera can apply for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas that explosive mixture of group IIA, IIB, IIC, T1~T6 gases, vapors and air may exist, Zone 21 and Zone 22 hazardous areas that explosive dust may exist. It’s applicable for refining and chemical industry, oil extraction, gas production, fireworks production, grain production and storage, petrol station and so on.


ZPAL10 is a ZUOAN designed classic 10 liter explosion-proof washer tank.The kit is composed of a 10-litre stainless steel tank with an explosion-proof certified solenoid valve. ZAPL10 fits for ZUOAN CZ610-A explosion proof PTZ camera, CZ1035 explosion proof camera with infrared lights and wiper, CZ100A explosion proof fixed camera with wiper.


Diagram one: external power supply DC24V for the washer, CCTV camera only offer switch on/off signal to the washer.


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