Notes for using explosion proof CCTV camera
  2022/03/25| View:1103

Explosion-proof CCTV camera belongs to the category of explosion-proof monitoring products. It is a cross-product between the explosion-proof industry and the monitoring industry, an explosion-proof CCTV camera requires an explosion-proof product with a certificate issued by a state authority.

explosion proof CCTV camera

(1) Do not use inflammable or explosive metal parts connected to the main equipment as the welding ground wire for the explosion-proof CCTV camera to prevent heat or sparks at poorly ventilated points of contact;

(2) To prevent the welding parts insulated to the ground, welding machine no-load voltage or working voltage extension, contact bad points will produce sparks, arc or high temperature, may trigger explosive gas in the environment;

(3) It is strictly prohibited to use the metal structure, pipes, rails, or other metal objects of the factory building as wires for the explosion-proof CCTV camera;

(4)It is strictly forbidden for the damaged or aged electric welding wire or welding machine power line to pass through the fire and explosion danger area.