What are the problems of Explosion proof thermal camera in practical application
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Explosion proof thermal camera is mainly used in the dark environment without visible light or shimmering light, using infrared emitting device to actively project infrared light onto the object, infrared light is reflected by the object into the lens for imaging. Explosion proof thermal camera not only satisfies the situation of low illumination in the room at night, but also meets the international energy-saving requirements. Based on these two points, it is widely used in indoor and outdoor environments. In the actual use process, Explosion proof thermal camera will also be its existence of the drawbacks, the common main problems are as follows.

1, waterproof effect is not ideal, fogging

General Explosion proof thermal camera are sealed design, protection level of IP66, but the infrared lamp will begin to work a lot of heat, and because the shell of the heat dissipation effect is not enough and the machine itself is not well sealed, resulting in the use of the machine after a period of time, inside more or less will appear vapor (this phenomenon is mainly concentrated in the northern region ), affecting the monitoring effect. This part of some manufacturers use breathable design, increase the ventilation valve to facilitate the exchange of temperature with the outside, some use nitrogen, to ensure that the machine is inert gas inside, to ensure that there is no vapor.

Explosion proof thermal camera

2, daytime off-color

Poor quality manufacturers of infrared one explosion-proof camera color in the daytime will be more or less off-color, the most direct reason for this is the explosion-proof camera filter problem, the general Explosion proof thermal camera using a certain percentage of infrared light through the double pass filter, the advantage is the low cost, but due to the natural light contains more infrared components, when it enters the IRCUT dual filter is an effective solution to this problem, IRCUT dual filter consists of an infrared cut-off filter and a full-spectrum optical glass, when the light is sufficient during the day when the infrared cut-off filter work, the CCD to restore the true color, when the night When the light is not enough, the IR cut-off filter automatically move away, the full-spectrum optical glass began to work, so that the CCD to make full use of all the light, thus greatly improving the infrared performance.

3, night vision effect is not ideal

This phenomenon is mainly manifested in the effect of flashlight or distance is not enough, etc. In fact, this problem is mainly caused by the angle and function of the infrared lamp, Explosion proof thermal camera used by the infrared lamp peak wavelength in 850nm, the angle from 5-60 degrees can be selected, when the angle of the infrared emitting tube the smaller the irradiation distance, the more obvious the effect of the flashlight, and vice versa, the larger the angle is no flashlight effect, but The distance is greatly reduced, to solve this problem mainly depends on what kind of effect manufacturers want to pursue and what kind of cost, of course, the power and price of infrared emitting light is proportional to how much distance can be reached. Excellent Explosion proof thermal camera all use the industry's first-class infrared lights and lenses to ensure night vision effect, completely eliminate the flashlight effect.

4、Heat dissipation problem

The most important factor affecting the life of the infrared lamp is the temperature, due to the configuration of the heat-generating infrared lamps, infrared lamps in the start, the entire working time period in the front of the Explosion proof thermal camera will have heat concentration, will affect the normal work of other components such as explosion-proof cameras. For example, 50 ¢ 5 infrared light board, a long time running, the temperature on the LED board can reach almost 90 degrees or so. As the infrared LED radiation power is proportional to the current, many manufacturers do not standardize the way to increase the current to improve the irradiation effect, however, the higher the current the higher the temperature. Although the irradiation effect is improved, but the machine itself due to LED overheating will suffer great harm. Among them, the CCD behind the LED board is the most direct victim. A good infrared machine by using a constant current power supply, using the law of pulse width modulation to keep the infrared lamp current constant, so as to reduce the heat of the infrared lamp, no matter how the external input current fluctuations, through the circuit into the infrared lamp current are very stable, so as to ensure that the infrared lamp play their maximum efficiency, extend the life of the current constant, control the LED heat dissipation, and LED lamp board and The shell is made of aluminum alloy and other materials with better heat dissipation, to ensure that the infrared light is not higher than 50 degrees when the long-term operating temperature is turned on, and the life expectancy can be more than 30,000 hours.

5, the repeated jumps in the critical point

This is because part of whether the configuration of the IRCUT dual filter or with a bimodal filter explosion-proof cameras in some complex light environment can not work stably caused by the same time because most manufacturers are using simple ways such as photoresistive sensors to control the working state of the IRCUT bimodal filter, the critical point of the repeated jumps can not be satisfactory. This part of the thorough solution is the photosensitive linkage of the internal sensor, by using a smart chip to control its fuzzy logic capabilities can effectively control the working state of the IRCUT dual filter.