How explosion proof CCTV camera works and how to choose
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With the development of science and technology, some special industries also have special requirements for monitoring, chemical, oil, coal and other occupational working environment in the presence of hazardous explosive gas or dust, therefore, the installation of explosion proof CCTV camera is very necessary to ensure the safety of industrial production environment, is the explosion proof CCTV camera exists the primary meaning. Now factories are paying more and more attention to production safety, and the requirements for working power are also getting higher and higher. Factories should improve production safety, improve output power, and make rational use of human resources, explosion proof CCTV camera has played a great role, today I would like to briefly introduce you to the relevant knowledge of explosion proof CCTV camera.

explosion proof CCTV camera

A. What's explosion proof CCTV camera?
Explosion-proof video camera belongs to explosion-proof monitoring products, which is the cross product of explosion-proof industry and monitoring industry, because conventional video products can not be used in high-risk inflammable and explosive scene, products that are explosion-proof and have relevant certificates issued by state authorities are required to qualify as explosion-proof cameras.

B. Explosion proof CCTV camera:
Explosion proof CCTV camera works to suppress the generation and occurrence of the four elements of explosion to ensure that electrical equipment in a high-risk environment, the four elements of explosion are:
1.the site has combustible gas, dust and mixture and constitute a certain concentration;
2.B the site has sufficient oxygen and combustible combustion reaction;
3. there is enough temperature in the field can lead to the mixture in oxygen combustion reaction;
4.the field space is narrow enough to cause the heat after combustion to accumulate a certain concentration in a short time, even blasting.

C. How to choose explosion proof CCTV camera?
Explosion proof CCTV camera the principle of choice is similar to a normal camera, there are lenses to choose from. First, according to the site to monitor the interval and scale to select the appropriate lens. For example, if the object being monitored is approximately 30 meters away from the device point, choose a 12-mm or 16-MM lens. If you want to get a better look, choose a 16MM lens, a vague one, and a 12MM lens. In practice, there is a theoretical value for the length of the lens, the number of millimeters times 2, equal to the measured object spacing. The disadvantage of the lens is to look wide, not far, not wide. The smaller the number of millimeters, the larger the scale, and the shorter the interval between the inverse.