Instructions for choosing the explosion proof dome camera
  2022/09/08| View:41

Explosion proof dome camera is a type of camera that adds explosion proof technology. It is mainly used for the storage of inflammable and explosive materials in hazardous places, such as petroleum, chemical, and metallurgical industries, request explosion proof dome camera not only has explosion proof function, camera function but also should have a formal explosion proof certificate.


If you don't know how to get an explosion proof dome camera, check it out!


1. Installation location

There are many types of explosion proof dome cameras, which type should be selected according to the installation location if it is installed on the wall and the general choice of explosion proof dome camera gun. The explosion proof dome camera is usually mounted on the ceiling. Keep an eye on the IP protection rating of the explosion proof dome camera when installing it outdoors.


2. Explosion-proof type

The explosion proof dome camera comes in different explosion proof forms, such as flameproof, ben-safe, pouring seal, etc. . Currently, most of the explosion proof dome cameras on the market are flame-proof, that is, they use an explosion-proof dome to insulate the interior from sparks and arcs that may occur when the power is turned on.


explosion proof dome camera

3. Self-check alarm function

Some devices will be designed to the alarm port, which can connect to other alarm devices, and if found abnormal conditions, can achieve alarm linkage function.


4. HD or not

If you buy an explosion proof dome camera, you'll need to see if it's in HD, and there are two ways to determine if it is. First, it's a small square that makes up an image. The higher the pixel, the clearer the device. In addition, the image clarity can be judged by the horizontal resolution of the device.


5. Professional explosion-proof certificate

Before you buy an explosion proof dome camera, check to see if it is certified to be explosion proof.


That's all you need to know when choosing an explosion proof dome camera. If you don't know how to choose a suitable one, please feel free to contact us and we will be at your service.