How explosion proof CCTV camera works?
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The initial demand for explosion proof CCTV cameras came from underground coal mines. But until now, the demand for explosion proof CCTV cameras has spread to oil, chemicals, shipping, aerospace, metallurgy, scientific research, and the military industry.


1. What is an explosion proof CCTV camera?


To distinguish an explosion proof CCTV camera from an ordinary camera, you must distinguish it from its function and location. They can also be distinguished by their definitions. Explosion proof CCTV camera is no different from the ordinary industrial camera in photoelectric structure. Its important feature is the use of one or more explosion-proof forms of industrial camera processing so that it can be in flammable and explosive on-site environment monitoring.


explosion proof CCTV camera

2. Working principle of explosion proof CCTV camera


Explosion proof CCTV camera works to suppress the generation and occurrence of the four elements of the explosion to ensure that electrical products in high-risk environments, the four elements of explosion are:


The site has combustible gas, dust, and mixture and constitutes a certain concentration.


There is sufficient oxygen on site to react with the combustibles.


There is enough temperature in the field to cause the mixture to burn in oxygen.


The field space is narrow enough to cause the heat after combustion to accumulate a certain concentration in a short time and even explode.


Each of these four elements prevents any one of them from being established effectively to prevent an explosion.


That's the difference between an explosion proof CCTV camera and an ordinary camera and how it works. I hope I can help you, and if you need anything, feel free to contact us.