Explosion proof CCTV camera provides safety for the chemical industry
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With the development of society, explosion proof CCTV cameras are widely used in all kinds of hazardous industries. This article will help you understand how thermal imaging cameras can protect the chemical industry from possible accidents and ensure overall safety.

explosion proof CCTV camera

1. What is an explosion proof CCTV camera?

Thermal imaging cameras are designed for potentially explosive and hazardous environments, operate in high-impact environments, and help ensure safety measures. These cameras are shielded with an explosion-proof surface that prevents combustible materials from igniting in the vicinity of the camera. Explosion proof CCTV cameras for the chemical industry can also limit any explosions within physical equipment and prevent sparks from passing out and causing inflammation.

Explosion proof CCTV cameras are designed with stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance and can withstand harsh conditions and provide total safety for the chemical industry. These thermal imaging cameras can help prevent vandalism or theft of expensive machinery and can be easily installed on offshore and onshore rigs.

2. Features of explosion proof CCTV cameras.

If you are looking for an explosion proof CCTV camera for the chemical industry, these features are important for providing footage in explosive areas and monitoring high-risk areas.

(1) Explosion-proof housing.

Made of durable materials such as aluminum, fiberglass polyester, or stainless steel, explosion proof CCTV cameras are less likely to catch fire and provide clear footage in the event of an accident or mishap. The inside of the camera is also used to remove flammable gases and restrict them from entering the camera interior.

(2) High-quality explosion-proof mount.

The camera's rugged design is also supported by a bracket that is welded together and can withstand up to five times the camera's weight. This keeps the camera in one position and prevents it from rolling over in case of any accidents or hazards. As a result, the thermal imaging camera can record high quality without interference. Most explosion proof CCTV cameras are waterproof and shockproof, in addition to being bulletproof, among other rugged features.

(3) Tempered glass.

Explosion proof CCTV cameras are made of tempered glass proofing, so the thermal imaging camera glass will not be scratched or damaged by explosions or flames in the surrounding area. These glasses have more than 96% light transparency, so you can always get a clear image and recording. The feature of these glasses is that they can withstand pressures of up to 10,000 psi (pounds per square inch), which is high for any explosive environment. This means that an explosion proof CCTV camera will not succumb to breakage and will remain functional.

(4) Built-in heaters.

The chemical industry has hot areas that can cause moisture to build up around the lens. This is not a problem for explosion proof CCTV cameras because they are manufactured with built-in blowers or dryers that dissipate moisture when needed. This ensures that the image quality of the thermal imaging camera is always very clear.

(5) Explosion-proof design principle.

These explosion proof CCTV cameras are robust and use well-constructed explosion-proof design principles to make the end product rugged and ensure that it serves its purpose. A cylindrical explosion-proof connector secures the inside of the stainless steel housing. This directs combustible particles into the conduit. Therefore, if an explosion or spark occurs inside the camera, the flame will never come into contact with the outside environment, keeping the surrounding area safe and protected.

3. Advantages of explosion proof CCTV cameras.

The following are the benefits of explosion-proof CCTV cameras to help you monitor hazardous events and take preventive measures.

(1) By monitoring the live stream through the surveillance manager, the explosion proof CCTV camera can help ensure your employees' safety while on the job. If the surveillance manager notices anything unusual, he can sound the alarm and ask employees to leave the workplace beforehand.

(2) explosion proof CCTV cameras can help managers understand the manufacturing process. No 24/7 human assistance is required, and the surveillance cameras can capture the entire operation for the manager to check later. These cameras can contain 10 to 15 days worth of information, but the data needs to be transmitted before it can be overwritten.

(3) explosion proof CCTV cameras are rugged and can be mounted on stoker consoles, rig streams, monkey panels, and pedestal rigs.

(4) The chemical industry has expensive machinery and equipment costing millions of dollars. While ensuring the personal safety of workers is critical, thermal imaging cameras can also protect expensive items from vandalism or theft.

(5) explosion proof CCTV cameras often have night vision, which helps managers monitor nighttime activities and ensure perimeter security if workers live near the industry.

(6) It has most of the features of traditional cameras and additional features to operate effectively in hazardous environments, which means these cameras incorporate the best of both worlds.

This is the knowledge about how explosion proof CCTV cameras provide security for the chemical industry. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!