Explosion proof thermal cameras are mainly used in which industries
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With the development of society, infrared thermal imaging technology plays an increasing role in various fields of the national economy. Explosion proof thermal cameras can scan an entire motor, component, or panel at once without missing any risk of overheating and can perform temperature measurements on a single point, in addition to working in a variety of harsh conditions with high measurement accuracy, which can help operators locate search targets. Since the technology is independent of the surrounding environment, it can provide services in the daytime, nighttime, and even fog and rain conditions.

Explosion proof thermal camera

So, in which industries are the main applications of Explosion proof thermal cameras?

(1) Petrochemical industry.

The industry and other industries have many different characteristics. Many important pieces of types of equipment work in high temperatures, high-pressure conditions, and most of the process operations, long cycle operations, coupled with the inherent danger of petrochemical production itself (flammable, explosive), the industrial production sector has traditionally attached great importance to strict online monitoring of the production process, the reliability of the equipment itself and the safety of the inspection and Regular shutdowns and maintenance. At the same time, as a system integrator, in addition to the standard petrochemical equipment, there is also auxiliary equipment such as electricity, electrical, and raw material chemicals. Explosion proof thermal cameras are an ideal choice to detect problems early, ensure safe production operations and extend the service life of the equipment.

(2) Hazardous waste warehouse storage.

Hazardous waste storage warehouses are used for the temporary storage and treatment of hazardous waste. Many flammable, explosive, and reactive items accumulate, which is very prone to major fire risks and brings huge hidden dangers to safe production. The traditional means of hazardous waste warehouse fire monitoring for manual inspection or the use of smoke detection, temperature sensors, and other equipment, this way many times only to check the surface of the hidden danger or the occurrence of fire to monitor. Explosion proof thermal cameras can be 24-hour real-time monitoring of hazardous waste warehouses and heating alarms to prevent fire risk.

(3) Coal mining industry.

There are many hidden dangers in the coal mining industry, such as underground due to oxygen leakage from the coal seam leading to oxidation, the release of carbon monoxide and heat, heat gradually accumulates and reaches the ignition point spontaneous combustion occurs, resulting in underground fires; coal is stacked in different areas by grade after mining, and the accumulation of coal can cause fires due to spontaneous combustion triggered by the rise in temperature; there are many high-power electrical equipment, large hydraulic pump stations, substations, coal yards Industrial solutions and steam pipelines, repeatedly running bearings, winches, these equipment will generate high temperature after long operation, which will lead to equipment damage, pipeline leakage, etc.; generally large coal yards are equipped with substations, their power supply equipment, transmission lines with poor contact joints, partial discharge of equipment and other problems, which can seriously lead to interruption of power supply to the entire coal yard, production stagnation, resulting in significant losses. With its unique imaging principle, an explosion-proof thermal camera, ignoring the influence of light, environment, air pressure, magnetic field, and other factors, can read the temperature readings in the observation range at a distance. Using this feature, using Explosion proof thermal cameras in the coal mining industry can prevent accidents before they happen, greatly reducing the number of accidents and casualties.

The above is the main application of Explosion proof thermal cameras and scenarios. For different scenarios and customer needs, the company has a variety of Explosion proof thermal cameras for customers to choose from. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!