ATEX CCTV Camera by function
  2022/02/10| View:229

ATEX CCTV Camera belongs to the category of explosion-proof monitoring products, which is the cross-product of the explosion-proof industry and the monitoring industry, the ATEX CCTV Camera requires an explosion-proof product with a certificate issued by a state authority.


1. Fixed Atex CCTV Camera: this type of Camera consists of: Imaging Unit, Power Supply Unit, a communication unit, plus the external simple mechanical structure to achieve its fixed and steering, ATEX CCTV Camera is a low-cost, simple, and convenient to install;

2. Multifunction ATEX CCTV Camera: the Camera consists of: Imaging Unit, Power Supply Unit, communication unit, auxiliary lighting unit, control unit, steering unit, and other auxiliary units, it's a mainstream ATEX CCTV Camera. There are some non-infrared light products, such as LED Cold Light, halogen, xenon, laser light means to achieve the products can be included in the ATEX CCTV Camera;

3. Separate Atex CCTV Camera: this type of Camera can be more or less, according to the combination of functions to achieve, the explosion-proof head can be used to rotate the camera, the supplementary lighting can be realized by adding supplementary light, the communication requirement can be realized by adding different communication equipment, and the control input and compatibility can be realized by adding decoding equipment. The installation of this kind of products is complex, the installation of higher requirements for personnel, but maintenance, maintenance simple;

4. Integrated Atex CCTV Camera: This type of Camera is a combination of multiple functions, integration level according to the design of different manufacturers there are certain differences, but the same is that it has a high degree of integration, the utility model has the advantages of various functions, light appearance, convenient construction, and installation, but the maintenance is more troublesome.