What parameters do you need to pay attention to when choosing an explosion proof CCTV camera
  2022/02/25| View:1073

In order to achieve the application of explosion-proof monitoring in the flammable and explosive field environment, explosion proof CCTV camera was born, and then began to be widely used in various fields.

In the choice of explosion proof CCTV camera, we can hardly see from the appearance of explosion proof CCTV camera good or bad, but in the choice of manufacturers will give some of the parameters of explosion proof CCTV camera, through these parameters can make a certain judgment on the explosion Proof CCTV camera to make a certain judgment. The so-called insiders see the doorway, choose the explosion proof CCTV camera need to look at what standard parameters?

explosion proof CCTV camera

White balance

White balance is a very important concept in the field of video camera, through it can solve a series of problems of color reproduction and tone processing, enhance the authenticity of the picture.

Scan system

This refers to the scanning format of the output image of the explosion proof CCTV camera, the international scanning format usually has PAL, NTSC two. The United States, Japan and other countries to implement the NTSC system (29.97fps). Its size affects the playback speed of the picture.

Horizontal Resolution

Horizontal resolution is a measure of image clarity, usually expressed in terms of the number of lines (i.e., TV lines, TVL). A TVL is 1.33 pixels when interlaced. In explosion-proof surveillance heads, both pixel value and horizontal resolution are the main indicators of picture clarity. In general, only horizontal definition metrics above 1080i (2 megapixels) and 720p (920,000 pixels) can be called HD imaging.

In addition, it is important to remember to check whether the manufacturer has an explosion-proof certificate.


These are the parameters that need to be noted when choosing an explosion proof CCTV camera, and other parameters such as pixel focus. If installed outdoors, sand, rain, acid fog environment, choose explosion-proof camera in addition to the above parameters, should also have dustproof waterproof function; in addition, in order to achieve good image results, should also consider the wiper and spray equipment.