Mine explosion proof CCTV camera lightning protection measures
  2022/11/24| View:529

With society's development, safe production is more important than anything else for the coal mining industry, so compared to traditional lighting and camera instruments, unique coal mine explosion proof CCTV cameras appear to be more secure and reliable.

explosion proof CCTV camera

Cameras in low illumination or total darkness, or confined space environment and the ability to accurately capture the scene of high-definition video information and determine the working conditions are necessary to ensure safe production and security. However, sometimes inevitably encounter lightning season. The following will detail your understanding of mining explosion proof CCTV camera lightning protection measures.

1. monitoring front-end grounding and lightning protection measures.

(1) mining explosion proof CCTV cameras should be set up with a lightning rod, using an independent grounding pipeline, and isolate the monitoring equipment power and image signals to avoid current interference and line damage. The lightning rod should be erected above the camera, from the lightning rod tip down 45-60 degrees of the virtual three-dimensional cone range, which is the safety range of the camera. The lightning rod should be installed with the fixed coal mine explosion proof CCTV camera steel insulation.

(2) grounding is completed, test grounding resistance less than 10Ω or less, grounding rod installation should be standard three-point impedance test.

(3) The grounding end should be a common grounding terminal, and the power end should be installed on the front-end equipment with a suitable capacity of fuseless circuit breaker and leakage disconnect switch to avoid damage to the equipment by induction lightning or conducted lightning.

(4) coal mine explosion proof CCTV camera front-end equipment grounding in the terminal part to focus on a ground bus, so that the whole monitoring front-end equipment grounding to ground no potential difference requirements, otherwise it may make the ground loop potential difference and make the equipment burned.

2. Transmission part of the grounding and lightning protection.

(1) Due to the energy industry, some monitoring signal transmission distance is very long, low voltage, susceptible to induction lightning and conductive lightning current attack and damage to equipment to conduct lightning current from the signal transmission line into the ground, the cable should be equipped with surge protector, in the design of the image signal transmission cable must consider the signal transmission rate and voltage balance and grounding, to avoid induction lightning attack.

(2) control signal transmission line should be the cable with an isolation masking function.

(3) Overhead self-sustaining signal or power cable should be a fixed-section steel cable with a grounding wire into the ground.

(4) Outdoor transmission and cable should be well grounded, and the grounding resistance must be less than 10Ω.

(5) transmission part of the cable in the line erection as far as possible to use the buried way. Coal mine explosion proof CCTV cameras using environmental conditions do not allow short spacing erection methods to avoid the induction of lightning intrusion due to reduced voltage resistance.

The above is about the mine explosion proof CCTV camera lightning protection measures. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!